E3 2014: The Order gameplay demo stalls

The Order: 1886 seemed rather contradictory to its name at its Day 1 presentation. Technical difficulties, likely relating to the console itself, had E3 presenters again playing the demo shown at the Sony Press Conference yesterday.

Once the demo restarted, the third-person, cover shooting mechanics were displayed in full-force. Whether that’s your cup of tea (a fitting metaphor, given the game’s exclusively London-based gameplay), is a whole other discussion, but the game developers promise a single-player, story-driven game that focuses on increased interactivity (quick-time events).

An interesting part of the Sony Press Conference demo is the presence of werewolves. What originally looked like a disappointing inclusion of zombies where they weren’t really needed, the moonlit transformation began and told the world you can’t accuse The Order: 1886 of doing nothing different.