E3 2014: Want to Show Off Your PS4? Pick Up DriveClub

DriveClub, the former PlayStation 4 launch title, appeared to be a game that was stuck in development hell earlier this year. The studio head left Evolution, the game was hit with the dreaded TBA title, and the gorgeous socially-connected racer became the butt of far too many jokes. After revealing new gameplay footage at E3 2014, it appears as though DriveClub will be well worth the wait.

Quite possibly the most beautiful racing game of all time, DriveClub adds a team dynamic to the highly individualized world of racing. Everything you do during a race contributes to your club’s overall score, meaning that you could be in last place and still help your club win. Every inch of the game’s environments are built entirely from scratch on a new engine, allowing every track to feel completely unique to DriveClub. While the development team went on location to various regions around the world for the sake of research, every track is designed with gameplay in mind. Players might recognize sections of the environment, but the game’s turns and straightaways are designed to add an arcade-feel to the gameplay experience.

This flagship PlayStation 4 title will be hitting digital and retail stores on October 21st in North America, with a limited PlayStation Plus edition giving subscribers the chance to preview a large portion of the full game.