E3 2014: Wield Unstoppable Magic in Lichdom: Battlemage

The role playing game conversation at this year’s E3 has pretty much been dominated by two games. These two games are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and given the amount of hype and excitement surrounding them you’d be forgiven for being unaware of any other fantasy role playing games with a presence at this year’s show. Lichdom: Battlemage is a fantasy RPG that aims to bring spell casting to life in a way no other game has before.


The first thing everyone will notice immediately upon seeing Lichdom: Battlemage is that it resembles Skyrim more than a litte. The game takes place from a first person perspective and features spell casting animations with two hands held out on-screen. Even some of the spellcasting animations look very reminiscent of specific animations in Skyrim. If you have spent hundreds of hours  playing as a mage character in Skyrim you may wonder why you’d even bother with this game, but there is certainly reason to be interested. Whereas Skyrim presented the option to play as a magic using character, Lichdom: Battlemage is built entirely around magic, and beyond the surface similarities to Skyrim it forges its own path.

The primary goal of Lichdom: Battlemage is to give the player the tools to be an incredibly powerful spell caster. Most games that feature mage characters saddle them with many restrictions. Mana bars, cooldown timers, and low defense are hallmarks of casters in most games, but in Lichdom: Battlemage you have the freedom lay waste to your enemies unhindered. Despite this, the game still presents a significant challenge, but the challenge comes from the design of enemy encounters rather than artificial limitations placed on the player’s abilities. This gives you the freedom to use all the tools at your disposal in whatever way you see fit rather than being forced to manage resources or bide your time.

The primary means of dealing with enemies will come from a variety of elementally based spells, but the depth of the magic system goes far beyond that. You’ll also have access to a variety of weaponized defensive ablities split into several different type of approachs. The game also features a deep a spellcrafting system that allows you to once again tailor your arsenal to your preferred combat style.


In addition to its immediate resemblance to Skyrim on a surface level, the game also quickly asserts itself with a striking visual presentation. The game is running on the Cryengine, which certainly explains the high level of visual fidelity, and its quite impressive to look upon. The game is set to offer up to 30 hours of content and will be available in August, though you can get in on the action right now via Steam Early Access. You can find the Lichdom: Battlemage here:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/261760/