E3 2014: Fantasy Life Comes to North America this October

In all the activity of today’s announcements and unveiling’s, Level-5’s Fantasy Life localization reveal was overlooked. For those not in the know, Fantasy Life is a cross between Harvest Moon and Monster Hunter, and delivers upon some impressive RPG trappings. When the game was released last year in Japan, it was met with fan and critical praise, which allowed it to go on to becoming something of a commercial success — so much so that it earned itself an expansion, even! Nevertheless, not too long ago, we reported on the probability of the game’s eventual release here in North America, though we thought Level-5’s announcement would come at Tokyo Game Show and not E3.

Nevertheless, they announced that the game will be coming to 3DS this October 24, officially making October the most expensive gaming month ever, as there are already like 18 million titles coming out within the four weeks that we call the month of October. Still, keep this one on your radar as it’s truly an RPG darling. Scope the trailer below for a low-down on what the game is like in-motion.