E3 2014: Slender: The Last-Gen Arrival

How else do you say this without it sounding like a pun? The extra content has arrived? The Slender DLC Arrival?

Regardless, Slender: The Arrival, with all-new content, is coming to consoles, but not the ones shown at E3. Xbox 360 and PS3 will have the games this summer, but Steam users who have the game will get the extra content “as a thank you,” according to game developers.

The all jump scare, all the time model seems to be resonating with gamers well, although the new content is trying to branch out with eerie environments, including run-down silos with flickering lights. Whether that’s enough to carry the feel to new platforms remains to be seen.

Playing the game on next-gen systems would be quite the waste, given the minimalist animation employed by the Slender series, but it will be hard to imagine Slender outside of the uploading to Youtube context, now available on PS4.