E3 2014: Edge-Hogging Confirmed Dead in Super Smash Bros.

During today’s Nintendo Treehouse stream, we witnessed perhaps the most exciting balancing fix to date in Super Smash Bros. Gone are the days where one player can sit on the edge of the map, preventing other players from saving themselves.

While we knew that the edge-grabbing mechanics were undergoing changes, we hadn’t seen them in pure, unfiltered gameplay footage until E3. When one player is hanging onto the edge of the stage, they will pop off into the air when another player moves into the same position. This could add a deeper level of strategy to the game, as skilled players could, in theory, use this mechanic to get another jump after the standard two.


Mario in mid-air after being popped off of the edge.

Overall, this is wonderful news, as that one annoying guy in your group of friends will have to actually beat you to claim victory.