E3 2014: Flyhunter Origins Brings Indie Devs and Pixar Vets Together in Platforming Bliss

Flyhunter Origins is a side-scrolling platformer with an interesting story behind its creation. The game is being crafted by both former Pixar animators and the team at Steel Wool Games. The devs actually teach and used some of their students to help out with things. They’ve also got regular full-time jobs, so they had to work development and other work into whatever spare time they had.  As Zak, a young man with a jetpack, you’re out to save the flies. The poor buggers are being poached and you need to help prevent that as much as possible by swatting them for your own means. They’re a big thing on the black market, which reminds me a lot of the Futurama episode about human horn being a huge deal in that universe’s black market. Beyond platforming sections, there are also Space-Harrier-esque on-rails shooting sections with a behind-the-back viewpoint.

The prospect of you playing as a small character against a real-world environment evokes Disney’s “Honey I Shrunk…” series. The look and overall fun tone of things seems to fit the animation team’s Pixar background. Flyhunter Origins is set for release on iOS, Android, Vita, and Steam. Despite the game being on Android, they didn’t announce an OUYA version, although with it being a platformer designed with regular controls in mind, there’s a chance it will play just fine sideloaded.