E3 2014: Get Your ‘Murica on with Broforce

It’s no secret that Capy’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 pixelated chaos-shooter Super Time Force won me over. Its nonsense-filled, chaotic gameplay is as challenging as it is gripping; the time-bending action platformer validates the entire puzzle-platformer genre with its continuity and speed. Simply put, Super Time Force is an absolute blast, and it made me want to play even insane particle-packed side-scrollers in the future.Why am I bringing up a month-old game in an article previewing a title we’ve seen extended E3 footage of? Whether the comparison is fair or not, Broforce will be compared endlessly to Super Time Force for more reasons than nomenclature.


Broforce can be thought of as a patriotic, 1980s action film inspired Super Time Force without any of the rewind mechanics. While I’m sure that the wonderful developers at Free Live Games, the studio behind Broforce, would scoff at this sort of one to one comparison, it’s easy to see the similarities between the two “Force” games. Just like Super Time ForceBroforce is a hilarious, action-packed shoot-em-up side-scroller with deep strategic elements. Players take the role of one of many hilariously titled “Bros” (with Rambro and RobroCop being my personal favorites) in a quest to save other bros, liberate various areas, and generally solve every problem they have with their weapons. While we don’t currently know how humorous the game’s narrative will be, it’s easy to see its potential. Judging by the “shoot first, ask questions later” style of the game, the aforementioned 1980s action film themes are in full force.

Being that I am an absurdity junkie (you know anyone who can hook me up with some absurdity), Broforce‘s gameplay is intriguing, to say the least. Featuring dynamic difficulty, it allows players to make the game as challenging as they want it to be. The Free Live team noted, today, that while going into every situation guns-blazing is the most fun way to play, it is also the most difficult play-style. Players will find that taking their time may cut down on the action, but it will make the game significantly easier. This smart take on the standard difficulty system combined with its inherent ridiculousness make Broforce one of the more promising indie titles of the next few months.

Broforce is currently slated for a PS4, Vita, and PC release, with no word as of yet in regards to Xbox platforms.