E3 2014: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Shows Off New Content, Huge Name

We were pretty big fans of Guacamelee! here at Hardcore Gamer because we have good taste. More specifically, the Metroidvania style of gameplay mixed with beautiful visuals and irreverent humor made for an amazing little package. The game eventually made its way to Steam under the name Guacamelee! Gold Edition with all of the DLC up to that point, and will soon be making its way to the Wii U, PS4, XBox One, and Xbox 330 under the name Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. With a name that long, you know it has to be good. This ultimate edition of the game comes with a whole bunch of brand spanking new content, a lot of which was shown off today at Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event at E3.

The biggest addition appears to be some brand new areas that include a new boss fight. One of the new areas they showed off is the beautiful Canal de las Flores, which was inspired by an actual location and features canals (duh) and battles on a boat. The boss is a three headed skeleton named El Trio de la Muerte that lives in a new volcano area in the game, and is helping Calaca recruit skeletons to his army. He also creates a mini-Calaca, which from what we saw did nothing but looks hilarious and adorable. We’re not quite sure how this new story segment will fit in with the overarching narrative and if El Trio will really interact with any of the other baddies besides Calaca, but new areas, challenges, and story in this are always a good thing so any little bit extra is appreciated.


The game will also introduce new gameplay features and costumes. The big new ability is Intenso, which is every bit as intense-o as it sounds. After it is unlocked by smashing on of poor Uay Chivo’s statues, you will get a rage bar that builds up during combat. Once full, you can activate it and jump into some fast fighting luchador madness. Attacks will deal more damage and occur more quickly, and as long as you keep fighting you will keep building up Intenso and it will stay activated for longer. This is a very useful ability in large crowds and is great for clearing out the hordes of skeletons El Trio summons in some scripted battle sequences. There are also some new costumes that provide various buffs and debuffs for your characters, including the Might of the Warrior, which allows you to gain Intenso more quickly but will drain Intenso as you take damage. There are a lot of new additions that provide some actual meaty content here, and even if you’ve played Guacamelee! before you will want to get your hands on this to see what new things the game is offering.

The best part is this version comes with everything from the original including all the DLC content. This is the same challenging, genuinely enjoyable love letter to the Metroidvania style of games (and classic games in general with all the hidden little Easter Eggs the game has) and any time a larger crowd of gamers can appreciate a game like this it is a good thing. Still, with all the new content they showed off already, part of me wishes they would’ve just kept working at it longer and cranked out a true sequel. We can’t complain though, as even a little bit of extra content is enough of a reason to look at this again. The developers are calling this the true version of the game, and it is including all the stuff they wanted to put in initially but had to cut for various reasons. Now hopefully they can start working on Guacamelee 2! Guacamelee-er. Look for Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition to hit all consoles sometime this summer.