E3 2014: Hohokum is Enjoyable at Any Pace

Hohokum is another game that Sony can add to their beautiful/artistic indie lineup. It was revealed at last years’ E3, here’s a quick recap if you missed it: you play as the Long Mover, a rainbow colored serpent who ferries people around levels and completes objectives.

New information includes some boss fight-like events. In one level the Long Mover shoots pollination at a giant beast. Once a monkey-like creature leaps from the beasts’ back the “fight” is over. A feature on the PS Vita allowing you to draw the path for the Long Mover on the screen adding some sound effects to the game.

Hohokum is designed to be enjoyable and relaxing. You don’t need to complete one level to get to the other; once you start it up, you’ll be able to go anywhere. Even if you don’t complete objectives it can still be fun. Each level has its own music by artists under the Ghostly International label. A soundtrack for the game is even in the works. The music adds to the gameplay and is best experienced on home consoles.

The slated release date is August twelfth for North America and the thirteenth for Europe. It will be out for PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita and is a cross-buy/cross-save game, so you ‘ll be able to play it on any console you happen to own.