E3 2014: Metro: Redux Improvements Announced

Since it was first revealed about a month ago, Metro: Redux has been an interesting title to keep an eye on. Metro 2033 was an underrated gem that finally got some attention thanks to the Humble THQ Bundle, while the follow-up succeeded in every place that game fell short in. Metro: Redux will bring both games together if you know you love the series, but if you’ve never checked it out before, you can get them a la carte as well. The highest-res textures from the PC version of Last Light will be used for the console versions, while 2033 will be revamped from the ground up. Beyond graphical improvements, there will also be AI improvements. 2033‘s enemies were a bit dumber than before, while Last Light made them smarter and the redux version of 20133 will use that smarter AI. With how great Last Light was, the most exciting thing here is seeing 2033 re-imagined with that game’s improvements in mind. 2033 had a lot of good points, but many rough edges – with those smoothed out, it should be able to excel now more than ever before. Redux doesn’t have a firm release date, but it’s got a late summer release window. Given that it’s already June, it seems like August would be a likely release month.