E3 2014: WWE 2K15 First Details

Last year, the annual WWE game ran through a bit of uncertainty.  THQ had gone belly up, and we weren’t quite sure what was going to happen with the development team, who were already hard at work on WWE 14.  Enter 2K Games, who bought the rights, and the whole team from THQ, and a few months later, WWE 14 became WWE 2K14, giving 2K their first wrestling game, and the largest wrestling franchise to work with.

The game never made it to the next-gen systems despite being slated for a late fall release, so this year, not only does the 2K Sports team get to build the game throughout the whole process, they also get to bring us our first glimpse into what a next-gen wrestling game can be.  This year, 2K Games is looking to build the game on both next-gen and last-gen systems, so if you haven’t upgraded to one of the newer consoles, you’ll still be able to put the smackdown on all of your favorite WWE Superstars.

Visual Concepts, the developer behind the amazing scanning technology of the NBA 2K franchise has taken a larger role, working alongside long time WWE game developer Yukes, and has already completed scanning over 90% of the WWE roster that will be a part of the game.  While we are not sure what the exact size of the roster, what this year’s game theme will be, or who will be included, 2K games has released images of their first 5 announced superstars, Bray Wyatt, Antonio Cesaro, Hulk Hogan (in his old school Hulkamania look), John Cena, and Roman Reigns.

WWE2K15_Bray_Wyatt WWE2K15_Cesaro WWE2K15_Hulk_Hogan WWE2K15_John_Cena WWE2K15_Roman_Reigns

As with every iteration of the franchise, the development team is hard at work in making the game look and feel like a live WWE television presentation, so there will be visual and audio improvements in that direction. What we do know at this time is that there will be 5x the amount of animations than there were in 2K14, and the commentary team has been brought in to produce over 35 hours of content to keep that aspect of the game from getting repetitive, as it has been known to do over the years.

No details on what kinds of matches or game mechanic tweaks have been made for this year yet, but I would imagine the match types to run similar to the previous iteration.  With the game slated for release on all 4 platforms (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360) for October 28th, they don’t have a lot of time at this point to do anything super ambitious that hasn’t already been worked on, so I am sure we will start to get more details soon, and when we do, we’ll post them right here.