E3 2014: Yager Looks to Set The Tone For Dead Island 2 Right Out Of the Gate

Yager, developer of upcoming open-world zombie survival game Dead Island 2, is making sure its vision is well represented from the start. And while that sounds like it would be commonplace in an industry so dependent on trailers and previews to build excitement, it isn’t always the case. That’s why the studio, new to the Dead Island Franchise, is intent on setting the tone for the game right from the start. Producer Michael James cited the game’s predecessor as the inspiration for their tonal focus, remembering the first Dead Island’s debut trailer and its disparity to the final product. As a result, Dead Island 2’s debut trailer, first shown during Sony’s E3 presentation on Monday night, sets and unmistakably humorous, lighthearted tone that lets everyone know exactly what to expect from the game when it launches next spring on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you missed it, check it out below.