E3 2014: Adventures of Pip Still Striving for Success

Adventures of Pip is a game that fell short of its crowdfunding ambitions last week. However, TicToc Games haven’t given up hope. They brought their project and development team to E3 with full intention to continue onward.

At its core, this is a 2D platformer with pixel art. What makes it different from the gazillion other games like that is that players begin as a single pixel. From that pixel they slowly evolve into a more fully-formed, multi-pixel character. However, players can still shift between the versions because each has its own abilities. For example, the single pixel form has a small form factor to get through tight squeezes. Upon being attacked, Pip will de-evolve.

TicToc Games expects to bring a playable preview build of Adventures of Pip to upcoming PAX conventions. Those who want to see the game get made should check out its second attempt Kickstarter when it launches in July. If all goes well, Adventures of Pip should be ready by the beginning of 2015 at the latest.