E3 2014: Aonuma Says Hyrule Warriors is a “Celebration Title”

Many Zelda fans were apprehensive when Hyrule Warriors was announced for Wii U last December. It appeared to be a strange departure from traditional Zelda titles, and that didn’t sit right. But while Hyrule Warriors is undoubtedly a Dynasty Warriors game, fans may be pleasantly surprised by just how much of the Zelda universe┬áhas made its way into the game.

Long-time Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma describes Hyrule Warriors as a “celebration title”. This may sound like a strange claim at first, but it’s actually well founded. Sure, the game trades puzzles for high-frequency action and flashy combat, and the removed emphasis on story doesn’t follow tradition. But after seeing just one stage in action during an E3 demo, it was clear that an enormous amount of care has gone into producing Hyrule Warriors. Beyond the ever-growing cast of playable characters, which currently includes Link, Zelda, Impa, and Midna, fans will recognize many elements and areas throughout the game. Players will find familiar items in chests throughout the levels, and many smaller characters from the series make appearances throughout the game. It was reassuring to see that Hyrule Warriors is more than just a cash grab, and that Aonuma’s supervision has helped the developers create something many Zelda fans will likely enjoy. Hyrule Warriors launches on September 26 in North America at retail and on the Wii U eShop.