E3 2014: Battlecry Set For a 2015 Release on PC With a Console Version Planned

Battlecry came about from the lack of third-person action games in a multiplayer-centric format. Unlike a lot of third-person games, you won’t have guns to use here. Gunpowder has been banned in this game’s world, so you’ll be doing a lot of melee and long-distance attacks that simply don’t use guns – instead using a bow and arrow. Co-op will be featured, so if you’re used to that in an FPS game, the changeover to this game should be fairly quick. Movement is really fast, with magnetic poles allowing you to zoom around the level and gain a better vantage point if you’re a ranged player. In pre-alpha form, the combat already looks fun. The coolest thing to see is how stylized the bloodshed is. It shows up as visible ribbons coming out of the body, and it’s a bit like Kick-Ass where you take something that should be horrifying in theory, but it winds up being hilarious in execution. Doing well rewards you with newspaper headlines, which will in turn boost your XP. Beyond the use of leaderboards and incentives based on score, you’ll also have team deathmatch and objective-based modes as well. Veterans from Call of Duty, God of War, and Halo are on this game’s development, so it’s got some folks with experience. The game is set for release on PC first, but is fully controller-playable and they’re actually being used on the E3 show floor for playable demos so a console version is planned as well. The devs are hopeful to get this out in early 2015, and it will be free-to-play for all platforms. The microtransaction setup hasn’t been decided, but their motto is play to win, not pay to win, and they’re looking at Team Fortress 2 as the ideal model to follow. It’s a shame they didn’t get into which consoles a release would be set up for, but with the PS4 being fairly heavy on free-to-play games since day one, a PS4 release seems logical.