E3 2014: Black Gold Online is an MMO with Some Action Mixed In

Seems like steampunk is popular this year with Nintendo’s new IP and now the upcoming massive multiplayer online game called Black Gold Online. As you guessed, the black gold is a natural resource to the game’s environment and since it’s an MMO then, yes you will be fighting for it. There’s a war raging between two races. One uses magic and the other builds machines. They are cultures at odds and fight for territory and resources.

Both sides are evenly matched when their classes are compared. When you choose your character and class there won’t be many differences besides attacks and appearances. They are being kept as non-distracting as possible since other games take you through completely different storylines just to tell the same tale.  The gameplay action involves a lot of dodging, aiming and mounted battles; making it completely different from other MMO titles where motions are pretty stiff. Both sides use mounts; the magic users have creatures similar to dragons or dinosaurs while the steampunk people use flying machines and other creations. If they’re not taken care of properly, there’s a chance of them disappearing. They have their own health meters so keep an eye on them.

There is PVP as well as storyline modes of play. Join a guild and fight together since there will be dungeon raids, rolling/random battles and every week there’s an all out assault between sides and winners receive precious black gold or rare items. Collaborate with each other to create better items and take part in an in-game auction house. Open beta testing begins soon, on June 20 and it is all free-to-play. There will be lots more to come such as boss fights and expansions.