E3 2014: Elite: Dangerous Has Intriguing Anti-Griefing Measures and VR Support

Though it likely has the worst title of any game at E3 2014, Elite: Dangerous is an extremely intriguing space-flight MMO. Boasting over 400 billion star systems, players will be able to fly to any star in the night sky. Think of it as EVE: Online with economics, as players will be able to harness resources and currency in order to upgrade their ships. Easily the most interesting news to come out of E3 in regards to Elite: Dangerous is the unique, anti-griefing system built into its framework. Though the game has PVP combat, it is highly discouraged, as human-controlled players are all essentially on the same team. If one player decides to impede the progress of other players, a currency-based bounty will be placed on his or her head. Players will be able to hunt down the griefer, kill them, and collect real rewards that will aid them in their quest to posses the greatest ship in the galaxy. In theory, a player can spend every minute of their experience eliminating the galaxy’s most obnoxious trolls.

Elite: Dangerous is currently in beta exclusively on PC and supports the second Oculus Rift development kit (with full high-definition virtual reality output).