E3 2014: Fable Legends Brings Together Fable and God Games

Since Fable launched on the original Xbox, players have been enjoying each new release thanks to character customization, fun battles, and chicken-kicking. The newest game in the series, Fable Legends, looks to be shaking up the formula in exciting new ways.

First, the game is primarily a co-op experience. The ideal way to play is with four friends online in a band of heroes against a villain. The villain character is also controlled by a human, in the best scenario. Of course, if you don’t want to play online you don’t have to either. It’s equally possible to simply team up with a cast of computer-controlled heroes. Anything between these two extremes is possible as well, such as playing the villain role against a completely digital team.


Heroes do their best to fight against monsters and survive through to the end. This mode plays very much like you might expect from Fable. There are a cast of heroes to choose from who each have their own play type, such as ranged fighters and roguelike characters. Although only six characters have been shown at E3, there are going to be many more when it launches.

However, the most exciting aspect of Fable Legends might be the villain mode. In this play style, you get a top down perspective of the entire playfield. The game transforms itself basically into a RTS where you can summon monsters and tell them which hero to attack. This mode should excite anyone familiar with Lionhead Studios’ pedigree within the god game genre. By launch they even expect to have a ‘couch mode’ where the villain player plans and executes tactics via a smartphone or tablet.


Fable Legends is set to have a different sort of launch schedule. It will be available in seasons, with 15 episodes available each season. Episodes are estimated to last 30 minutes each. Of course, with the chance to play as both hero and villain, the hope is that these episodes will incite multiple replays.

The game is coming to Xbox One exclusively. Players can jump into a beta for Fable Legends this fall.