E3 2014: Grey Goo Set For Fall Release on PC

Grey Goo gives you three factions to play as that all operate differently. One group can’t do base-building, which is certainly different for the genre. The game has a single resource model, but one with a lot of depth to it. The goal from the devs was to keep the focus on the core gameplay as much as possible, and make the resource management somewhat secondary. Playing as the goo allows you to climb terrain,which no other team can do. The camera can be panned around a full 360 degrees, enabling you to maximize your strategy with angles here. The game will support a LAN, so if you want to play with someone on a plane next to you, it’s entirely possible. There will also be a 15 mission campaign that will allow you to play as all three classes. Clearly, beating that will get you ready for playing with other folks to some degree. The goo race doesn’t have air support, but the other two races do. There’s a beta you can sign up for now, and the game is in closed alpha now for a Steam release this fall.