E3 2014: Madden NFL 15 Set for August 26 Release

Madden NFL 15 was showcased at the E3 press conference on Monday, and today, more info came out of it. Defense is being changed over to be fun.  There’s a new behind-the-kicker camera for this game, and the devs at EA Tiburon even hired an NFL Films director to make sure the camera angles are proper. Tattoo-wise, not everyone will have their tattoos due to the rights involved. In some cases, they have to consult the person who actually gave them the ink to get the rights. This kind of issue has cropped in games before with CM Punk in WWE’s games, but that was more due to him having trademarked logos that needed to either be altered or removed entirely. The camera is zoomed-in by default for offense, and you can go between six different views on the fly. This kind of thing is pretty common in racing games and used to be featured in wrestling games to some degree with a pause menu, but it’s new for football games.

While big touchdown celebrations have been a thing in games for a long time, you’ll start seeing little bits of animation to show excitement after a play. If you get a sack, your player might raises his arms up, while someone who fails might put their head down to the ground in disappointment. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is an aspect of life we’re all familiar with, and now the Madden NFL games are out to replicate it better than ever before. Skills training has gone from 19 drills to around 60. The goal isn’t to just teach you Madden, but the sport of football as a whole. The game will be released on all consoles on August 26.