E3 2014: Organic Panic Expands the Worms Formula

Organic Panic is described as a mix between Worms and LittleBigPlanet, but actually has a lot more going for it. Currently available in Steam Early Access, there’s a lot the developers hope to achieve with their game before launch. First, let’s go over the basics of Organic Panic.

The 2D platformer presents a world of fruits and vegetables versus meat and cheese. Players take on the role of a carrot, kiwi, cherry, and coconut to save the day. Each of these four characters has its own special ability which can be used at any point on a stage. The goal is always to make it from one end of the stage to the other, but enemies and other obstacles impede you. That’s where the special abilities come in handy.

organic panic 2

Cherry has the power to burrow through the ground. This way it can possibly avoid confrontations or destroy platforms. Coconut controls gravity which gives it the power to fly around but also manipulate movable elements in the field. This might result in making a rock tumble onto enemies or fall safely into the ocean. The carrot character inexplicably controls fire which allows it to burn things to a crisp. Carrot can also cling to the ceiling to hit hard to reach triggers. Then there’s kiwi which is able to turn into water which is similar in use to flying. Each special ability can only be used for a certain period of time so players don’t abuse them.

Some stages have only one character available while others let you select multiple on the fly. Of course, some stages will require the use of multiple to make it through. Organic Panic can be played in single player or local co-op mode. However, the developers have heard the plea for online play and are looking into it currently. If all goes according to plan, they hope to have this ready in the eventuality of a console release.

organic panic 3

Right now Organic Panic is on Steam Early Access where they add levels frequently. Their goal is to continue to bring new levels to players so that there will be 100 ready for launch. That might seem like a lot of levels but there are going to many more available to players thanks to an included level editor. With this, players can all try their hand at making new stages to share with the community.