E3 2014: Project Spark Set For a Fall Release

The Project Spark beta has been going on for a few months now on the Xbox One and Windows 8. Despite it just being in beta, over one million people have crafted things with it. On average, 700 games are added to the service each day. The game’s creation tools allow you to either craft your own game or remix someone else’s game and put your own stamp on it. If you want to know how to make a 2D platformer, you can just take an existing game and kind of reverse engineer it to your liking. Themes are a big part of the game as well. Some don’t want a basic storybook fantasy setting, so they’re going to release a sci-fi theme. The creation tools are so in-depth that people were even able to create an ad in it. Some have even made a turn-based RPG akin to the genre’s peak in the PS1 era already.┬áThere’s an auto-hide feature for hair – so if you’ve got a wacky hat and the hair you’ve selected wouldn’t logically fit within it, they just hide it and you don’t wind up with reality being broken by having the hair clip through the item. The biggest creation innovation here is that you create a game in real-time with others. In a world where Google docs are becoming more normal, and now we’re in a world where you can create a level’s base, then have someone go over that with items. It’s amazing to think of just where we’ll be in five years. The key is to make sure that multiplayer is solid – they’ve got two-player going really well, but want four-player simultaneous play before it launches. The game will release in full this fall.