E3 2014: Road Not Taken Coming Later This Summer on PC, Mac, and PS4

Road Not Taken is an overhead puzzle game, but with a crafting mechanic and starring a raccoon! Your goal is to save kids, and since you’re a raccoon, you’ve only got a 15 year time limit to do it. Of course, since it’s a game, it’s got an accelerated clock mechanic as well. The game has some wacky scenarios – like a witch throwing things into a cauldron, and of course, her next goal is to grab the kids to throw them into the cauldron. You’ve got a hub world that simulates life a bit as you’ve got friends, a spouse, and it’s a persistent world. Each character can get sick and die, and you just have to deal with it – just like life. The game seems like a great way to show younger players that life isn’t as cut and dry as you think, but it can still work out fine in the end. I love the idea of a game that tries to teach life lessons, and it being a strategy-puzzle game is certainly a unique way to do it.  Road Not Taken is coming to the PC, Mac, PS4, and Vita at some point this summer. If you want a game that tests your brain on a variety of levels (and platforms), check it out!