E3 2014: World of Tank Blitz Launches Globally on iOS on June 26

With World of Tanks launching on the Xbox 360 fairly recently, it’s more in the minds of gamers than it’s been in a while. Now, it’s coming to iOS in the form of World of Tank Blitz. It’s been a huge hit on PC with over 85 million players, while the Xbox 360’s user count is quite a bit less. Blitz marks the franchise’s debut on mobile, so instead of 15-on-15, the game will be 7-on-7 with a focus on speeding things up. Eight minute games are just going to be four minutes now, so if you’re waiting for a bus, you can have a little run and pass the time.┬áThe devs take great pride in seeing that despite sessions being so theoretically short, folks are actually playing it for an hour or more. The game features the usual on-screen controls, but you can customize the layout and size of everything to suit you. To make things easier, Blitz has an auto-zoom. Each tank has an accurate reload function, so if a particular tank takes three seconds to load up a shot, it will take that amount of time in the game. There are no AI bots, but like Planetside 2 we discussed earlier today, you’ll still have worlds populated by real-people that are so active you’ll think they’re AI. There will be in-game chat as well, so if you’ve got a lot of friendly fire going on, you can be cursed out in real-time. Like all World of Tanks games, this is free-to-play and will get a global release on June 26.