Green Man Gaming’s IFD Sale Slashes Prices on Big-Name Rockstar and Codemasters Games

Thursday features two big publisher of the day deals, with Rockstar and Codemasters highlighted. The Complete GTA bundle gets you GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV: Complete for $10. LA Noire: Complete Edition is $6, while Max Payne 3: Complete is $7. For only $11, you can get the Max Payne Complete bundle, while those just craving GTA IV Complete can get that for $6. The Rockstar bundle gets you everything they’ve got offered up on GMG for only $20, and is the best price for that deal in history. The Codemasters deals are a bit less extreme than Rockstar’s, but for $25, you can get GRiD, GRiD 2, DiRT Showdown, and DiRT 3. The Codemasters Racing Pack costs $5 less and gets you DiRT 3, DiRT Showdown, FUEL, and GRiD. Both of these bundles come with Overlord, as does F1 2013: Classic Edition, which is down to $16 from $65. If you just want to cherry pick deals, GRiD 2 Reloaded Edition for $12.50 is a great deal, while F1 Race Stars should be fun for those seek a kart racer. I didn’t really enjoy FUEL all that much, but at $2.50, you might want to check it out if you want an open-world racer.