Live Destiny Alpha Code Update

One of the biggest news pieces of E3 was the presence of a public PS4 Alpha for Bungie’s megaton AAA title Destiny. Those who signed up before last night’s deadline have been eagerly refreshing their emails seeking that all important code. We at Hardcore Gamer want to ensure that those of you who are still waiting are kept up to date on the latest Alpha code happenings, so we will be constantly updating this page in real time as the codes roll out.

12:00 PDT – No codes as of the initial launch time

12:30 PDT – European territories have begun to get their codes, with the UK appearing to be the first nation to receive them.

12:45 PDT – Eastern Europe appears to be receiving codes at this time

1:00 PDT – The US codes have begun to roll out, with Western states (such as California and Colorado) seemingly getting the bulk of codes before the East Coast.

1:07 PDT – Users are reporting that codes are still rolling out to the territories mentioned above via email (it appears as though PlayStation messages are delayed).

1:09 PDT – The first US East Coast codes have begun to roll out.

1:10 PDT – Floridian PS4 users have begun to receive Alpha codes.

1:13 PDT – Midwestern states are receiving codes, with multiple users in Illinois reporting their downloads have begun.

1:14 PDT – Multiple email clients are catching the Alpha codes under their spam filters, be sure to check both your inbox and your junk mail.

1:16 PDT – GMail users are reporting that the “Promotions” inbox is catching the code emails.

1:17 PDT – Canada has started to receive codes.

1:22 PDT – It’s clear this is the first rollout, as there are users on both the East and West coasts who have signed up, but have not received codes.

1:24 PDT – Central American PS4 owners are now receiving codes.

1:27 PDT – On a humorous note, Sony Rewards is sending out emails at the same time as the code emails, causing immense rage from some players.


1:31 PDT – Ohio and Michigan have begun to receive emails, causing Buckeye and Wolverine fans everywhere to scoff at this unfortunate grouping.

1:34 PDT – The Northeast United States seems to be getting codes, as users in New Jersey have initiated their downloads.

1:35 PDT – Live in the Big Apple? Your code is likely on the way, as New York has begun receiving codes.

1:40 PDT – Massachusetts is now receiving codes.

1:48 PDT – Codes are now rolling out around the country in seemingly no order, keep refreshing people.

1:53 PDT – FIFA just trolled the world with a mass email.

2:01 PDT – First hand account: the Alpha download is unbelievably slow (my download section says 7 hours remaining).

2:04 PDT – Here are the contents of the Alpha email:

Welcome to the Destiny First Look Alpha, a small sampling of activities you’ll find in the final experience. Destiny is an action game that combines the campaign story, cooperative, and competitive modes you expect, with in-depth character creation and a huge variety of weapons, armor, and combat abilities. Create a character. Take it into every mode. Venture out into the world alone, or play with friends in search of action and adventure. 

The Destiny First Look Alpha is not final. Players may experience bugs and incomplete features. Thanks for helping us pave the way to Beta, and Destiny’s launch on September 9th, 2014

The Ultimate Destiny™ Experience is only on PlayStation® 


2:08 PDT – Sony seems to be experiencing server issues in regards to the Alpha download, as users are reporting massive download stalls and unusually slow download times.

2:16 PDT –  The Southwestern United States is now receiving Alpha codes.

3:20 PDT – Users who are experiencing slow download speeds are encouraged to reset their PS4’s internet connection.

3:06 PDT – If you haven’t gotten your code yet, do not fret, as they are still rolling out.

3:09 PDT – The PSN is currently undergoing live maintenance according to various user reports, though some users (such as myself) are still able to continue their downloads.

3:38 PDT – Download speeds are back to normal, at least on my end. It looks like the servers will soon be back to normal. Codes are still being sent out.

4:06 PDT – Yes, codes are still rolling out.

6/13/14 11:40 AM PDT – Indications are that the codes have ceased.

  • King Angel

    I still didn’t get it 🙁

  • Tenetan

    Well got into the beta a hour ago or so, played for about 45 min, not sure but only took 15 min to grab the 6GB myself.

    • DennAgain

      its not the beta its the alpha

      • swift7d

        Who cares? We get to play don’t we? At least, some of us do…

  • Aggod

    Here on East Coast…no key yet

    • Aggod

      Nevermind…just came in!

      • Tres Waters

        Where at on the East Coast? I’m in SC and still nothing.

  • Chehansen

    Im in EU, Denmark, still no code

  • Jonathan Fayntuch

    PLEASE on florida but no code….???

  • Jordan Bell

    On the eastcoast and my friend who registered after me and I personally know got his code before me ._. Wtf Bungie?

    • Chehansen

      Yea wtf signed 2 minutes after they told at the sony press conference and still no code

  • JackOfAllBlades

    No code for me…

  • Chance

    No code yet? wtf

    • Crispin Chase

      same here.

      • Chance

        Wtf is going on

        • Crispin Chase

          tell me if you get one chance.

          • Chance


          • Crispin Chase

            what state do u live in?

          • Crispin Chase

            I live in nevada and nobody i know has gotten the code.

          • Chance

            I live in Maryland

          • Crispin Chase

            what time is it in maryland?

          • Chance

            It is 1:05

          • Crispin Chase

            oh its 10:10

          • Chance

            I wonder why it is taking so long

          • Crispin Chase

            Im starting to wonder if i did something wrong. I really want to play.

          • Crispin Chase

            Ive been refreshing my email for 10 hours. literally.

          • Crispin Chase

            whats ur psn? hopefully when we get our codes (if), we can play together.

          • Chance

            Its KingKazuma24

          • Chance

            and yeah so have I.

          • Crispin Chase
          • Chance


          • Crispin Chase

            just making sure cuz that worked for some people. Damn, I don’t understand why this is so complicated.

          • Chance

            I know man. This is bullshit.

          • Crispin Chase

            alright, well I’m bout to go to bed. Hopefully when I wake up Ill get it. Message me on here or psn if u get it. ill be up early.

          • Chance

            Aight bro

          • Alfonso Ramon Rodriguez

            Same here guys, I’m in Indiana and my brother and I still have not gotten our codes.

          • Keith Kyle

            I spoke with Sony this morning they told me that this is not an open Alpha and even know you signed up you may not get a code…

          • Elitasaurus

            Which is complete bullshit, i signed up as they announced and kiddies who signed up last minute have it… This is ridiculous!

          • Keith Kyle

            I agree! My boss signed up 9 hours after I did and he got in..

          • Chance

            So pretty much they fucking lied?

          • Keith Kyle

            Yup! puts a sour taste in my mouth!

          • Chance


          • Chance

            Damn youuuuu SONYYYYY

          • Chance

            A lot of people did not get theirs yet. idk why but its nerve racking

          • Crashoverride

            I am in Md. and downloaded no problem yesterday.

          • Chance

            I didnt even get a code and i registered from the beginning

          • Nathan

            LOL, I got mine yesterday. In FL btw

  • Chehansen

    6 hours since my first post here, no code yet

  • Munee

    my code didnt work contacted playstation support and they all but hung up on me telling me it was out of thier hands. 400$ system with very few quality games not happy customer.

    • Mike

      Did you buy a ps3 at launch? I did, you have nothing to bitch and moan about with the ps4.

  • Dean

    Got my code…got my Alpha…game on!!!! (UK)

  • darren evans

    still no code for me in uk

  • LordMambav7

    I still haven’t gotten my code. I 100% signed up, is it still rolling out?

  • ILLview

    I stay in Florida and received my code yesterday. It was something like 6.7GB to download, took me about 30 min to download but the Miami/San Antonio game came on so I just played after the game was over. Pretty awesome I must say! Now I’m going to test out BF: Hardline.

  • pro

    still no code… florida

    • Tres Waters

      Same here in SC

    • DennAgain

      same ill be so mad

  • Keith Kyle

    I was told this is a close Alpha by a Sony rep…

  • Dillon Parish

    Haven’t got mine yet

  • DennAgain

    have yet to get i will be so mad seeing how i signed up as soon as possible yet all my friends have

  • Joe

    Still Didn’t Get my code either

  • Aurelio Gonzalez

    I didnt get mine

  • Matt Whittaker

    So while I feel for those of you that didn’t get codes, I wanted to thank all of you that helped make this article a success. Your interest in Live Update Launch articles like this indicate that this is something we should do in the future.

    Thanks everyone, and happy Bungie-ing!

  • Tres Waters

    I guess not everyone gets in

  • Mike

    Never received my code either, played it at my friends house earlier, really wish I had gotten the email now. The game is really good, can’t wait for the beta now.

  • Usurp Uganda

    I am in the UK and haven’t got one yet