Thief Reboot Down to $15 on Steam Until June 16

Thief‘s reboot got mixed reviews, and remains a popular topic of discussion on our podcast. I found it to be a very enjoyable first-person stealth gamer, and I say that as someone who is usually terrible at stealth games. However, while many may not have felt it was worth $60, at $15, it’s a no-brainer. From June 12 until June 16, the game can be yours for $15. Given that it just came out in super-late February and is basically  a March release, you’re getting something that’s only a few months old for less than 1/3 its original price. As good as getting the base game for $15 is, the better value is getting Thief: The Master Thief Edition from the Department of Redundancy Department for only $1.50 more. Whichever version you get delivers a solid stealth experience, albeit one with some visual flaws and hiccups.