Bringing Toys to Life in Skylanders: Trap Team

The Skylanders series has been wildly popular with adults and kids alike. Activision and Toys for Bob knew they had a hit when they figured out a way to mesh together toys and video games, offering two modes of entertainment in one. In previous Skylanders games the focus was given to exploring all the secrets the world had to hide, so they figured why not bring even more fun to the fans and bring the toys to life? Skylanders: Trap Team takes place right after the events of the previous game, Skylanders: Swap Force. Kaos, the main antagonist, sets every villain free from prison. Cloudcracker prison — where they were being kept, — is destroyed sending all of its Traptanium pieces to Earth. Now, you must use Trap Masters to capture each of the escaped villains.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 12.17.53 AM
Any figure is compatible with the new game and can play through as any character, but Trap Masters will be able to catch the criminals more quickly. They wield special Traptanium weaponry and are the only ones capable of interacting with the element. But there’s an added twist to how you’ll play Trap Team. Along with the figurines, there are also new devices that allow villains to become a playable character once captured. The trap is placed into the Portal of Power, and when one of them is captured, they will be stored inside, converting the prisoners to the good side. Then players can select between the hero and the now ex-villain for a limited time. Co-op play lets one person use the hero and someone else use the ex-felon.

Trap Team features tons of creative and artistic designs throughout the game. Their characters range from Broccoli Guy, a healing character who can jump in to recover health, to Painyatta, a candy-barfing behemoth. Everyone has their own unique attacks and abilities. Food Fight shoots tomatoes and if they’re in the ground they end up growing for some extra damage. The design of each Skylander brings unique experiences to Trap Team. Every villain has its own cutscene showing their transformation from evil to good. They’ve even given each one of them their own bits of dialog when hooked up to the Portal of Power.


Developers wanted to show players, especially their younger audience, the results of cause and effect. This will allow them to understand the consequences of actions or decisions, appealing to adults, while the co-op action gets kids and adults alike hooked and gives families something to bond over.

Skylanders: Trap Team comes to North America on October 5 on all major consoles.