Early Access: What’s New And Worth Playing?

Countless titles find themselves on the Steam Early Access page every week. Sheer volume and the simple question of just which ones are of actual quality, it can be hard for gamers to figure out just which ones are worth their time and money. We at Hardcore Gamer have compiled of the top three most recent titles you can find in Early Access right now. The quality is there, and while each and every game on the list do, obviously, have a lot of work ahead of them, they are still great times deserving of their asking price.


This title is what Ace of Spades tried to be, but failed. Blockstorm is a voxel-based FPS that allows you to build up the world just to destroy it all in the heat of combat. The gunplay is surprisingly solid with weighty recoil and solid hit-detection. The game features a robust level and character editor, allowing you to create your own world and characters for you and your friends (or enemies) to play in. The game is a blast, though it would benefit from a larger selection of maps, what is on offer is well done. The game suffers from a lack of players at certain times of the day, but the game has a small, if dedicated following that can be found at most times, and that player-base has been slowly growing since hitting Early Access.

The Forest:

This is one people have been eagerly awaiting and, luckily, the game delivers. The Forest is survival-horror done right. The game places strands you on an island after a plane crash with nothing but your wits, a scant amount of supplies, the mutilated remains of your fellow passengers and a society of monstrous cannibals who are less than amused by your presence. Tasking players with scavenging for supplies, taking advantage of the environment in order to build shelter and defenses, and often times avoiding or going head-to-head with the hostile locals, The Forest proves a compelling, if oppressive, experience and that’s exactly what it should be. There’s still a lot of work to be had with this one, mind you. The game is in the very early stages of alpha. There are many bugs to be found, content to be added and the performance certainly isn’t where it should be. That said, it’s still one of the best offerings to be had for survival fans when it comes to Early Access, beating out most titles that have been on offer for months now. As it stands, the game is worth the asking price, and it’s only getting better from here.

In Verbis Virtus:

In Verbis Virtus is a puzzling first-person adventure game with some platforming thrown in for good measure. The game drops players into a labyrinthine-esque cave system, oozing with hidden knowledge and barred by ancient puzzles and obstacles. Their task? Uncover said hidden knowledge by overcoming said puzzles and obstacles. How do you do that? With your voice, of course? The gimmick of this particular title is the fact that you perform almost all of the game’s functions via voice communication.

The “hidden knowledge” spoken of earlier comes in the way of magical words and phrases that grant the player powers to help overcome the obstacles the game throws at you. Whether this be a simple light spell, or telekinesis, there are many spells to be uncovered while playing, and they can either be spoken in basic English, or in Maha’ki – the fictional tongue of the ancients, created for the game. The puzzling is satisfying, and the overall adventure In Verbis Virtus offers up is an extremely satisfying one. The game is gorgeous to boot, which is always a plus. This one is probably the most feature complete and solidly performing of the bunch, with the game’s updates consisting of almost nothing but bug fixes and touching up certain elements of the game. If you are into puzzlers, this one is a truly quality product and very much worth your time.