E3 2014: Juju Makes Sure All Ages Includes Everyone

So what do you do after two old-school FPS in a row? Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior were both good games, but variety is the spice of life. Why not do an old-school platformer for an all-ages crowd to shake up the creative muscles a bit? Juju is a pure bit of run & jump starring a panda and his lizard sidekick, targeted specifically at the PS3/360 (and PC too, of course) hardware generation. As the last gen gets removed from the living room and farmed out to kids’ bedrooms worldwide, there’s going to be a need for more all-ages content, and Juju aims to help fill the void with a brightly-colored romp through a comfortably familiar platforming landscape.

Juju screen 4_1
It’s not 100% kid-oriented, however, at least in the gameplay department. The mulitplayer is specifically designed for an adult to help out, with the other player being automatically warped to keep up if they fall behind. While a player can be knocked out of the action, they can be rescued with a bit of work by the other player, meaning co-op death is only temporary. It’s a game mechanic designed for parent/child gameplay, but I and the other game reporter I was playing with managed to both get knocked down by the octopus boss, so it’s not a magic wand to success.

For those looking for a less kid-friendly challenge, however, Juju will have enhanced difficulties in both single and multiplayer modes. All-ages means what it says, and that includes older, more experienced gamers. An adult who likes a charming platformer with plenty of levels and unlockable skills should find as much to chase after as a younger gamer. Juju is a cute run through a colorful platforming world, and with its variety of challenge levels there’s no reason to let kids have all the fun.