Catlateral Damage Kickstarter Begins, Knocks Other Kickstarters On Floor

Cats are jerks.  Cute, fuzzy, purring jerks who get by on exploiting the dichotomy between being totally aloof and completely needy simultaneously, but jerks nonetheless.  If there’s stuff on a shelf then it obviously was put there in error, because otherwise how do you stretch out on the lovely flat surface high above the floor?  Everyone knows that being higher means you win, and if you’re going to be above things for any length of time longer than 2.5 seconds then you’ll want to be comfortable, which just can’t happen if the surface is cluttered.  Everything on the floor is how things should be in a properly organized universe, and cats are nothing if not fastidious.  Catlateral Damage isn’t just a game about being a cat knocking things off shelves; it’s a game about putting the universe right.  As of today, that game is on Kickstarter.

Catlateral Damage was one of August 2013’s 7DFPS game jam successes, featuring a bored cat roaming the house and knocking everything on the floor.  Books, toys, the tv, everything.  The object is to get as many things on the floor as possible within the time limit, and you can play the updated version 1.5 in your browser right now, if you haven’t already.  It’s a fun bit of silliness that the Kickstarter campaign is going to enhance into a full game.  New houses, new cats with different abilities, more stuff to knock off shelves, collectibles, power-ups (catnip!), and many other goodies expand the game into new territory.  The houses and their challenges will also be procedurally generated, keeping the game feeling new as long as possible.  Catlateral Damage lets you be a fuzzy little bastard, and what better reason could there be to justify the likely probability of its Kickstarter success?


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