Oh My, PewDiePie Earned $4 Million Last Year

The rhyming was accidental, I swear. What isn’t an accident, though, is the report itself, which states that the shouty, annoying and ever-popular YouTuber earned an impressive $4 million last year alone. The news, which came by way of The Wallstreet Journal, also claims that his cut was mostly profit — not too surprising considering the stars raw production methods.

In the past, Felix Kjellberg — most commonly known as PewDiePie — has expressed his love/hate feelings on his surprising success, and the fame and fortune coupled with his stardom. As one of YouTube’s most prominent faces, it’s hard to deny the impact he’s had on the industry since his rise in rank. In an exchange with the Journal, PewDiePie stated that he’d be happier with a more modest fan base rather than the outrageous popularity he’s been blessed/cursed with.

My take:

While riches would suit me well, what with my taste in fine things and fancy stuff, I’d hate to be so famous that leaving home became a chore. That’s why I always wear a mask when I leave the house… and totally not because I moonlight as a street thug.

How about you folks? Let us know in the comments below if you’d trade your current life for the fame and fortune of being YouTube’s number one star.