Phantom Dust Sitdown Interview Reveals Its Changes, Pricing Model and Other Delicious Details

Right along with the reveal of Devil’s Third being a Wii U exclusive and Platinum Games bringing Scalebound to Xbox One, the surprise announcement of Phantom Dust (that wasn’t really a surprise, if you’ve been following Phantom Dust news since late last year) was a beautiful moment in E3 history. We here at Hardcore Gamer logged hundreds of hours with the first game when it launched on the original Xbox, and were saddened when its multiplayer component was inevitably taken offline. At any rate, when Microsoft showed off the game’s trailer last week, we came unglued; fists were pumped, cheers were cried out, and tears of joy practically streamed down our cheeks — it was a happy moment to say the very least.

Since then, though, we haven’t heard much about the title. In truth, we don’t expect to hear a lot in the immediate future, but certainly all those tasty details will come — just with time. Until then, however, our friends over at Rev3Games got a chance to sit down with some of the guys at Microsoft responsible for Phantom Dust’s resurrection. In the 17-minute interview, we get some behind-the-scenes goodies, including the changes being made to the game, the pricing model that will be implemented as well as various other details.

It’s interesting to hear the guys talk so openly about the game possibly using a F2P model based off how most gamers turn their noses up at such an approach. However, from their talk, it would seem that Microsoft has learned a lot from Killer Instinct’s free-to-play launch, and seem to be particularly interested in utilizing something similar with PD. Of course, they made it a special note to emphasize that Phantom Dust will not be pay-to-win, which should put some hearts at ease. It certainly did ours. Now here’s hoping they follow through on that promise, because a game as fantastic and timeless as Phantom Dust certainly deserves only the best treatment.

Nevertheless, go ahead and check out the interview in the video below; if you’re a fan of the original game, or have been wondering just what all the cult-like hype is surrounding it, the video is a must-see. Now if only they would reveal just who the black-haired bad ass is in the video… Is it Edgar? The Protagonist? Someone else entirely?! These are the types of questions that keep us up at night…along with that song by Meatloaf where he says, “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” but then never specifies what “that” actually is! Gah. We need closure on things like this, people!