E3 2014 Best Adventure Game

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Best Adventure Game

Tales from the Borderlands
Telltale has significantly grown as a company over the last couple of years, mainly thanks to the success of The Walking Dead. While the company is approaching other properties, such as Fables and eventually Game of Thrones, they have decided to partner with Gearbox to create a story based in the Borderlands universe. Somehow, Telltale’s narrative-rich structure works great in the somewhat shallow backstory of Borderlands, helping flesh out and really expand the appeal of the comical series. The forty-five minute long presentation we sat in on did not disappoint as the snippet of the first episode had us in stitches. The writing was intelligent but kind of goofy at the same time, and the combat sequences have been somewhat altered for some customization. It’s an adventure we can’t wait to dig our teeth into.

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