E3 2014 Best Graphics

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Best Graphics

The Order: 1886
The term breathtaking isn’t one we take lightly. It’s something we normally reserve for the Leah Dizon’s and Daniel Bedingfield’s of the world. The Order: 1886, however, is breathtaking, and there are few terms that so perfectly encapsulate the experience of seamlessly transitioning from a CGI-quality cut-scene to a CGI-quality bout of shooting at monsters. It’s truly the type of game you’d use to showcase what your flashy new console is capable of delivering. While it falters in places, there are few games with such visual flare, beautifully animated characters and hyper-realistic backdrops. Despite a lack of detail regarding its potentially intriguing story, or more than a sliver of generic gameplay, The Order: 1886 is shaping up to be something special — even if it’s only a lengthy tech-demo.

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