E3 2014 Best Platforming Game

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Best Platforming Game

No title showed Microsoft’s renewed commitment to the Independent Games Movement quite like Ori and the Blind Forest. The upcoming Metroidvania platformer feels decidedly un-Microsoft, as it appears to be a heartwarming, art-heavy game; in fact, it’s quite surprising that Sony didn’t snag this undoubtedly beautiful game. It’s stunning backgrounds are reminiscent of Muramasa Rebirth, while its unique platforming sections and light puzzle elements seem like something straight out of a Rayman game. Ori and the Blind Forest’s apparent tale of compassion and friendship will hopefully warm the hearts of many; its two unique characters (a white flying imp-like animal and a hulking black bear-esque creature) should, at the very least, provide some interesting asymmetrical gameplay experiences. The Xbox One looks to have a delight on its hand, with Moon Studios’ upcoming title headlining Microsoft’s latest culture shift.

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