E3 2014 Best Surprise

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Best Surprise

Phantom Dust
Like all trade Shows, E3 is built on the unexpected. Sure, we tune in to see the latest info on upcoming games, but what keeps us coming back year after year is the prospect of witnessing the next Watch_Dogs. There were a lot of great announcements this year – the return of Grim Fandango and Rainbow 6, or Nintendo’s foray into Skylanders-style money printing – but those all fell within expected parameters. Nobody, and I mean nobody, saw Phantom Dust coming. As the brainchild of Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi, the original Phantom Dust certainly had an impressive pedigree, not that it did it much good. Though the game’s unique story and card-based action gameplay made it a critical darling, it didn’t exactly light the world on fire financially. It’s encouraging to see reboots for obscure titles like this, because it shows publishers thinking “this game under-performed, but it was great and deserves another shot” rather than “this game made us money once and will probably do that again.”

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