E3 2014 Missing in Action

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Missing in Action

The Last Guardian
After countless false reports, assurances of development, and mysterious stories, The Last Guardian is still in development. Team Ico’s stunning adventure game intrigues millions of Sony fans to this day, as the developer has yet to put out a truly new game since the breathtaking Shadow of the Colossus graced stores in 2005. E3 2014 came and went without so much as a hint that The Last Guardian is on its way, leading many to wonder if the game is truly in development at all. Though Sony continues to insist that the stunning cross-species cooperative adventure game will eventually be released, The Last Guardian is clearly in trouble. Likely to be the winner of the “Missing in Action” title until a follow-up to the 2009 reveal trailer is shown. After seven years of development, the end of perhaps the biggest video game mystery is still nowhere in sight.

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