Tale of Tales Tries Out Kickstarter with ‘Sunset’

Tale of Tales first entered the gaming scene with unique titles such as The Endless Forest, The Graveyard, and The Path. At the time, they even stoked the flames of a “not games” movement. Times have changed quite a bit and most gamers are now open to a wider variety of experiences in their entertainment. Along with changing times and financial aspects, Tale of Tales have started their first Kickstarter campaign with Sunset.

Sunset is a first person, narrative-focused game about Angela. She is a housekeeper for a bachelor who lives in a lavish 1970s home in South America. At the time, unrest and war are brewing around the country. Gameplay focuses on exploring the apartment but also possibly taking part in the revolution. Sitting idly by, letting the war exist outside her life, simply isn’t possible.

The Kickstarter goal is set at $25,000 and is already 30% there on day one. It’s a pretty safe bet that Sunset will far surpass its goal. If all goes according to plan, Sunset is set to launch in March 2015.