E3 2014: Ridin’ Elephants in Far Cry 4

When I sit down to demo a game at E3,  I usually don’t expect the end result to be cruising around on the back of an gigantic animal, but that’s exactly what happened in the Far Cry 4 demo. Ubisoft treated us to a hands-on presentation of the game where we got down and dirty in the Himalayas.

It should go without saying that riding on an elephant is pretty dang awesome. In fact, I didn’t even know such a thing was possible in a world with animal rights organizations. But now that I know it is possible, I plan to take every conceivable trip I can on top of one. Road trip? Elephant. Taking a tenderoni out to dinner? Elephant. Taking a trip to the piano factory to get a new set of ivory keys? Elephant.

Just look how awesome Indiana Jones looks on-top of this mammoth steed:


That could be a more attractive version of you! Of course, all of my elephant fantasies have a point: this is an awesome gameplay element — and it’s one we don’t see enough. The ten minute demo we were taken through let us hop on top of elephants and raid a stronghold. Capturing strongholds was one of the highlights of non-mission Far Cry 3 gameplay and things are no different here — just now with elephants. We busted down the doors of the stronghold and immediately started ravaging the swarms of enemies inside. Hitting them with our elephant’s trunk and tusks was an incredibly rewarding feeling that even getting in the driver’s seat of the most powerful tank can’t reproduce. Unfortunately, our elephants weren’t long for this world when the helicopters showed up, and tried as we did to hide inside of a building with them, they were soon slain. After a moment of silence, we regained our composure and successfully liberated the camp in the honor of Paul and Stanley (you see, we named our elephants).

Not having our elephants, however, showed how much we missed them. Whenever a new gameplay element is introduced that makes you feel like you can’t live without it is an extreme positive that furthers the evolution of the game. Elephants could be that element for Far Cry 4.

Of course, we’re still far away from the full release, but if we can trek through these beautiful mountains on the backs of elephants and rule the lands as mother nature intended, Far Cry 4 could be very special indeed.