Slashers: The Power Battle Released For the OUYA

Slashers: The Power Battle has just hit the OUYA store, and it’s free-to-play. The OUYA has a lot of some things — like roguelikes and first-person shooters — but it’s quite lean on 2D fighters. Now, that has changed with the release of Slashers: The Power Battle. This 2D fighter features a fairly robust cast of characters, smooth animation, and a pretty good business model. How good? It’s free to play! You can play online, learn moves with the academy mode, and play in the solo campaign if you so desire. There’s even a color edit mode, so if you want to change some outfits up, you can. The gameplay is fairly smooth and while it’s got a lot of rough edges with regards to the in-game dialogue and wacky post-fight text, that works as kind of a throwback to the days of SNK’s early ’90s efforts – only without the highly-polished gameplay those games had. Still, while this may not be a top-tier fighter, it is still a fun B-level one and anyone with an OUYA should give it a shot.