EA Game Time Makes Titanfall Free-to-Play For Two Days

Titanfall is a great game on the Xbox One, and thanks to EA’s new Game Time feature, gamers can give it a try on PC. This is basically Origin’s version of a free timed period that Steam has for games all the time.  If you’re wondering just when Game Time is, you can check out Origin’s Twitter or keep Origin opened up. Whenever a game becomes free-to-play, it will be instantly added to Origin’s free game section.  The exact launch of Game Time varies by territory, but Origin received a 75 MB update in North America – so it’s clearly coming quite soon. It’s presently about 2:30 AM EST and while that update is live, the game isn’t in my library.

However, if you’ve got Origin, open it up and update it to play Titanfall as much as you want over the next two days to maximize how much time you have with the game. Your save progress will carry over should it impress you enough to buy the full game, which is fantastic. Between this and their On the House promotion, EA is really responding to criticisms they’ve received over the past few years about Origin being inferior to Steam by stepping up and improving the service. This gives you the chance to play a fairly new AAA game at no charge and in this particular instance, the game is half-off for a limited time if you dig it. The exact time frame for the free time period isn’t quite clear. EA’s site lists both “48 hours” and notes that it’s available now, so it could be only playable through Saturday night into Sunday, or it could be free until midnight or later on Monday.