Save Big on Your Dead Rising 3 Pre-Order at Greenman Gaming

Let’s face it, gaming is an expensive hobby. Between the hardware, software, and peripherals you can easily spend hundreds, if not more, partaking in our favorite pass-time. To help mitigate this, we try to bring you the best deals from around the web, leaving your wallet just a bit heavier and you just a bit happier.

The recently announced PC version of Dead Rising 3 has been 25% off on Steam for a little while now. Not a bad deal for a game not yet released, but we can actually top it. Greenman Gaming is offering a 10% discount for the game’s pre-order. On top of that, they have a voucher for an additional 20% off select games in the store, and yes, Dead Rising 3 is one of them. By using code ‘A5D6OC-SSP45E-FYUBTA’ during checkout, Greenman will knock another $9 off your order, bringing the cost down to a cool $36.

The code is only good until the 23rd. If you want the deal, you don’t have all that much longer to act. This is likely the cheapest Dead Rising 3 will be until its summer launch.