Class of Heroes 2G: Physical Disc Version Presales Starting Monday

Gaijinworks started a poll back in March asking who’d be interested in buying a physical release of their digital download title Class of Heroes 2G for the PS3.  If there were 7,000 interested buyers then the game could get a physical release priced at $40, but in the end only a bit under 3,500 people signed up.  Still, that’s 3,500 more than zero, and while more would be better the game can still be printed to order at $50 instead.  So, starting Monday June 23, the Class of Heroes 2G physical copy pre-order is going live, and if you want a copy of a very limited production run game that also happens to be quite good, it might be worth putting some money down.

The current plan is that, if you signed up to wave your hand saying “I’m interested!”, you’ll be getting an e-mail announcing the pre-order launch.  Still, the reservation is open to everyone, so if you missed it or didn’t bother you can still get a copy.  Gaijinworks will be printing to order, meaning that the reservations they get dictate the amount of copies printed, so if the print run is light then Class of Heroes 2G will be a very collectible little game.  Even if orders exceed expectations it’s still going to be a light print run, but while reservations are open both fans who want to play the game as well as collectors hoping to get a rare item for their shelf have equal opportunity in owning a copy.  Pre-orders will stay open a month, and once they close then the print run is finalized.  As an added bonus, though, there’s a serial-numbered hologram included.  First come, first served, so if a low number matters then Monday would be the day to get your reservation in.  If, on the other hand, you just prefer physical media for its longevity, you’ve got a whole month to wander over to the Gaijinworks web page and snag yourself a copy while the snagging is good.