FIFA 15 Will Be Coming To Every Console You Can Think Of, Except Maybe the Wii U

Sometimes, it’s hard being a Wii U owner. Sure, you get tons of quality Nintendo support on the system, but third party developers tend to treat the console like the red headed stepchild of this generation, occasionally patting it on the head but typically just ignoring it and hoping the whole ginger thing just sort of resolves itself. But hey, at least the big name sports titles will be making an appearance on the Wii U, right? Here is a list of consoles EA recently confirmed that their upcoming title FIFA 15 would be appearing on: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS…uh…PlayStation Vita and — ah, here it is — Nintendo Wii. Notice the absence of the U. There is an “I” in FIFA, but not a “U” apparently, because the Wii U is the one big console in the past decade to get snubbed here.

If I cared at all about soccer or if I couldn’t already play the game on at least a dozen other consoles when it releases, I might be a little insulted. The Wii U is getting ignored pretty hard by EA here, and even the 3DS and the grandfatherly Wii are getting more love from the company. It is worth noting that only the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions are really the full version of the game, and EA said the other consoles would be getting a “version of FIFA 15” that will lack some game features. The Wii U version will lack all features except a note in the case letting you know that EA hates you and your console choice. Doesn’t EA even know how close Pikachu and Japan’s World Cup team are?