Final Fantasy VIII Steam Update Brings All The Cheat Codes

Not too many games over a decade old receive updates, but Square-Enix announced earlier this week that Final Fantasy VIII on Steam was receiving a bunch of upgrades, mostly in the form of cheat codes. These codes are entirely optional and you can still play through in the traditional manner if you want, but for those looking for an easier experience here is what Square-Enix will be offering:

  • High speed mode – Everything speeds up! Cutscenes, battles, movies, you name it. Triple Triad will still feel like it takes an eternity to complete, however
  • Battle assistance – Gives you a completely full ATB gauge, keeps your HP full, and even makes limit breaks constantly available. Also known as the “I didn’t really want to play this game anyway” mode.
  • 999 – You awaken on a sinking ship with no idea how you got there and are thrown into the mysterious nonary game where…wait I’m missing a 9. Sorry, I meant 9999 mode, where your attacks always do 9999 points worth of damage.
  • AP max – An endless supply of action points with which you can use to upgrade your G.F. Good for people looking to complete low level challenges.
  • Magic and gil max – Gives you 100 of each magic spell and all the money. Either way, you’re going to make it rain.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “why would I want to play an RPG with all the difficulty and story elements removed” and to that I’d answer…uh…I don’t know exactly. These updates should make speed runners happy though, if there are any strange speed runners out there that specialize in RPGs. Even if you don’t see the appeal of all the cheat codes, Final Fantasy VIII is still a solid game and since it is on sale right now on Steam (what isn’t?) so it is a good time to go check it out if you haven’t already.