Super-Secret Steam Summer Sale Deal: Nearly-free Pinball Arcade Tables

The major Steam sales always have more going on than is readily apparent on the front page, but usually a quick scan will turn up any extra goodies and there’s web pages out there to help you find any you might have missed.  There are exceptions, though, such as The Pinball Arcade’s in-game purchase of the Launch Pack.  The Pinball Arcade itself is free, and comes with Tales of the Arabian Nights fully unlocked, and the Season One and Season Two packs have their respective Summer Sale savings when you browse the listings.  The Launch Pack, on the other hand, only shows up when you click on one of its tables in-game, and right now you can get the three tables included in it for $0.01.  That’d be one penny.


When The Pinball Arcade was initially launched on PS3/360 it came with Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Black Hole, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and Theater of Magic as its starter set of tables.  The Steam release ended up being more in the free-to-play style (without the crap price-gouging for play-time that infects 99% of everything that gets that label) with the Season Passes available in both regular and more fully-featured Pro style, but you can also buy table-by-table or get the other three launch-pack titles as a discounted group.  It’s not immediately obvious how to get them, so here’s the breakdown of the process-

1)  Sell a card from your collection to get a few cents in your steam wallet.  Because it’s an in-game purchase you can’t use your regular method of payment, and who wants to charge a penny anyway?  If you’ve already got anything in the Steam wallet, skip this step.

2) Load up The Pinball Arcade and enter the Seasons One & Two folder, and then Season One sub-folder.

3)  Highlight The Black Hole, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, or Theater of Magic.  Doesn’t matter which, but when you click on it the purchase options will be for just the table, the Launch Pack, or the Season Pass.  Seeing as the Launch Pack is priced at $0.01, the rest should be obvious.

4)  Play pinball until you can think of nothing else and have to buy more tables to satisfy the need.  They’re pretty devious that way.