Review: Sixty Second Shooter Prime

Sixty Second Shooter Prime came as quite the surprise a few days ago showing up on the Xbox Live store for download on Xbox One. The [email protected] game developed by Happion Laboratories is a remake of their original title, “Sixty Second Shooter,” which was released on Chrome and later PlayStation Vita in 2012. Xbox One owners were treated to the new title which received a nice visual upgrade for the new generation console. The twin stick shooter, a staple genre in the world of video games, is something Xbox One was missing and desperately needed.

The game tosses you right into the action, but if you inspect the menu closely, you will notice that there is a section titled “help and options” in the options menu. I suggest you use that feature to briefly read through and learn the purpose of each power-up and symbol. It can get quite confusing, and after a few games, I was in the menu reading as much as possible. Sixty Second Shooter Prime is among the most fast-paced twin stick shooters I have ever played. The frantic action leaves no time for second guessing as one mistake will heave you right back to the starting menu with no parting gift.

In Sixty Second Shooter Prime, players are given one life and sixty seconds to amass as many points as possible without being hit or shot by the enemy. Points are earned by destroying enemies and going through portals which take you to higher (numbered) levels. The enemies grow more tenacious with every level reached and the screen seems to provide less wiggle room, leaving noroom for error.

The game has two gameplay modes which are “60” and “Infiniti”. 60 mode is exactly as it sounds. Players have 60 seconds to kill as many enemies as possible. The more enemies killed, the more points collected. Points are also multiplied by picking up the multiplier power-up. As mentioned earlier, each time you go through a portal, the level is raised and so is the amount of possible points.

There is one feature called a “chain reaction” that is kickstarted when a bevy of attacks are chained together that destroy a large number of enemies at once. During the chain reaction, gameplay slows down tremendously to the point that you are moving in slow motion. Every enemy on the screen explodes causing a chain reaction explosion to their nearest enemy until all within range are destroyed. This attack can go on for a large amount of time as long as there are enough enemies on screen at the time. This was by far the game’s most enjoyable feature, as you get a feeling of consummation whenever a “chain reaction” is achieved. Not only does a “chain reaction” destroy every enemy, but it also awards you a massive amount of points. This is the way to achieve those ultra high scores which will have your name atop the leaderboards.

No power ups or weapons are available upon starting the game and must be unlocked, which I did within my first 30 minutes of playing, calling into question this system’s purpose. Ships comes equipped with a single shot shooter, but can be equipped with a double shooter when the weapon power-ups are picked up. The most rewarding weapon is the quad shooter, which shoots two bullets from both the left and right side of the ship. The weapons are changed out fast as weapon upgrades are dropped every several seconds. The ship will also be supplied with missiles that destroy everything in range once released (these come in handy). Bombs can also be released that kill everything around players on contact.

After unlocking higher levels, players are allowed to start on a higher level, which will gross more points right off the bat. That method did not work out well for me as I preferred to warm up with the lower levels first instead of being tossed into the fire. The look of the game and also the music can also be changed; a variation of different game colors are given to start as others are unlocked within the first few levels. There are also a few music tracks to choose from, although none sound distinct.

The visual experience is nothing to write home about. The white lines on screen can become distracting with the ton of enemies and bullets all on screen at the same time. The shining moment visually takes place when an enemy is destroyed and the explosion happens. You notice this especially during “chain reactions.” Not only are players happy they achieved a “chain reaction,” but looking at the explosions unfold is also pleasing to the eye.


Closing Comments :

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is a fantastic game to pick up and play, and as such, best situated on a portable platform. Players will be excited by the destruction and rapid action for few rounds, but besides ascending leaderboards, there is not much left to accomplish after that. It is positive to note that Sixty Second Shooter Prime is extremely tough (and well-priced), but the lack of goals and a poor level system leave little to be accomplished after the first couple hours of gameplay.

 Platform: Xbox One