GOG Giving Away Games on June 24 – Keep Tuned For Updates

GOG doesn’t just have a big sale on things alongside Steam’s summer sale, they’re also giving away games! The first free offering is Omerta: City of Gangsters, which is only free for around 20 minutes after this post goes live. Throughout the day, three other games will be made available, but we don’t yet know which ones will be free. GOG is doing a smart thing by offering up a big sale when folks are in a spending mood, and also pricing everything low enough to make them very attractive as blind buys. The freebies are a nice bonus, and starting off with a $20 game is fantastic. Still Life 2 is the second freebie. Still Life 2 is usually $10, so it being free isn’t quite as good a deal as Omerta. The third free game is Torchlight, which they made free before – so many may already have it. If you don’t, be sure to grab it now.